Panama is one of the lesser known countries that is well stocked with fish.  It is skirted on the North by the Caribbean Sea, and on the South by the Pacific Ocean.
There are miles of wild coasts, often inaccessible by land.
Its waters are brimming with fish, especially on the Pacific coast.
There’s about 360 rivers in Panama as well as a fantastic fresh water reservoir : the Gatun Lake.
In this natural setting, many species of fresh water and salt water fish. It’s an excellent destination for fishing, altough it’s a little elitist.
Panamanian fishing centers are scarse and staying is quite expensive. That’s why, at the Casa Amarilla, we decided to propose you to orrganize personalized fishing outings on the coast, for a reasonnable price.
Fishing is like a passion for us, as we’re living with it everyday, and enjoy sharing this passion with our guests.

The boat :
It’s not a yacht, but a brand new fishing boat that is 24 foot long, an open with a central piloting deck, equiped with 2 4-stroke engines of 70hp each, GPS, radio, sounder... It is ideal for 2 to 4 fish anglers, depending on the fishing methods.
For the most adventurous or the most sportive ones we can rent 2 fishing kayaks.

Onshore fishing :
Onshore fishing is free and can be done in a wild and magnificent setting.
300 m from la Casa Amarilla is the beach, stretching over dozens of kilometers. You’ll be able to fish with lures or in deep wwaters with fresh baits. Daybreak and evening are the most favourable moments for that.
We’ve caught : Houndfishes weighet up to 6 kgs, corvinas or meagres (biggest was 10 kgs), jack crevalles about 4 or 5 kgs, stingrays up to 50 kgs, red snappers...
Of course these handsome fishes aren’t caught that easily and less experienced anglers will often come back empty-handed or will catch "congos", sorts of catfishes that are very voracious and found everywhere.

Near Punta Chame:
It’s quick to reach rocky or coralian islands by boat. Fishing there is much easier and will often be full of surprises : bonitos, meagres, jacks, red snappers, wahoos, mahi-mahis, groupers, yellowfin tunas are the most frequent catches. Spectacular chases can be observed quite frequently on surfaces over 100 m².
Seabirds and predatory fishes are fighting to  get through huge shoals of sardines.

A bit farther … :
We also organize excursions on the Panamanian pacific coast. In Cebaco, not far from the nature reserve of Coïba or in Chepillo, east from Panama City. Those are two wild islands where we often catch handsome fishes. You can also fish black bass on Lake Gatun.

Rates :
Depending on your interests and the length of your stay we can send you by mail these services’ rates so that you can set up your personalized stay.